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    Mobile : +91 987 366 2370
    Tel : +91 124 458 3830 (Mon - Fri : 09:30 Hours - 18:00 Hours)
    Email : admissions@caa.edu.in

    1. Does DGCA recognize CAA ?

    Yes, CAA is approved by DGCA.

    2. How many instructors are there with CAA?

    At present we have a total of 10 instructors which include, the Chief Flying Instructor, Flight Instructor In-charge, Flight Instructors, Assistant Flight Instructors and Ground Training Instructors.

    3. Can I visit the Academy with my parents before enrolling ?

    We strongly recommend students and parents to make a comparative study of available options and narrow down your choices with two or three flying academies. You must make your final choice after making a visit to CAA as well as other Academies.You can connect with our Student Relation Officer on admissions@caa.edu.in or +91 9873662370 for any assistance in planning your visit to Chimes Aviation Academy.

    4. How many aircrafts does CAA have?

    CAA has 7 Cessna 172 R single engine aircraft, equipped with Garmin 1000. In multi-engine category, we have Piper Seneca PA 34 and Diamond DA 42 aircraft.

    5. Where is Chimes Avaition Academy located and how can I reach there?

    CAA is located at Dhana Airstrip, P.O Dhana, Sagar - 470228, Madhya Pradesh, India.

    6. Train connectivity

    A large number of trains cross Bina Junction, which is at an hour’s distance drive from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh. Some trains from New Delhi and Mumbai have their stops at Sagar Junction as well. Details of the trains are given below :-
    Click Here to see the Train Connectivity

    7. Air connectivity

    Nearest Airports are Bhopal and Jabalpur, which are at a distance of 180 kms and 157 kms, respectively to Sagar.

    8. How can I monitor progress of my child ?

    We at CAA provide report to the parents. Also, parents can visit us with prior information and can connect with the respective instructor for timely feedback.

    7. Can CAA will help me to get a loan ?

    Students may obtain an educational loan from any bank. We at CAA will provide the documents needed by your bank to process a loan.

    8. Does joining CAA require enrolling in any ground school coaching for clearing DGCA papers ?

    No. CAA has a dedicated team of ground instructors who will give you complete training on ground subjects.

    9. Do you have night flying facilities at CAA ?

    Yes, we have night flying facilities at our academy.

    10. When is next course starting ?

    For new batch details, please contact us on admissions@caa.edu.in or call us on +91 9873363270

    11. What is the normal duration of the course ?

    Normal duration of CPL course is approx 12 - 15 months, which is also subject to how soon a student clears his theory papers and passes DGCA exams.

    12. What are the major achievements of CAA , if any ?

    CAA is India’s first pilot training academy to fly the aircraft with the Centurion engine, which operates with ATF (Jet fuel).
    Also, we are listed in Limca Book of records.

    13. Typically how many students are taken in a batch?

    This differs from course to course. The batch size depends on the number of applications we receive.

    14. Does CAA help students get internships / placements?

    CAA assists students in their preparation for interviews with various airlines.
    Click here for details of CAA ex-student pilots who are employed with various airlines, Coast Guard, private operators, etc and with CAA itself as Instructors.
    CAA also gives “hours building” opportunity to our graduates to qualify for the flying hours requirement of specific airlines.

    15. I own a personal aircraft and flying is my hobby. Is there a course that I can do to enhance my flying skill?

    The Private Pilot Training course is ideally suited for aviation enthusiasts, for hobby fliers and for those who own or have access to a private aircraft. The PPL training curriculum helps build the necessary skills and knowledge that also makes students eligible for Commercial Pilot Training.

    16. I want to become a flying Instructor. Is there a special course for it?

    CAA offers a special program for flying instructors that  includes flying training and theory classes that prepares students for the oral examinations conducted by DGCA

    For more details about this course click here