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    Mobile : +91 987 366 2370
    Tel : +91 124 458 3830 (Mon - Fri : 09:30 Hours - 18:00 Hours)
    Email : admissions@caa.edu.in

    1. Who can participate in the Chimes Referral Program?

    Anyone who refers students to our Academy for pilot training courses can participate in the Chimes Referral Program.

    2. Which flying courses can one direct students to us under the Chimes Referral Program?

    A student may be referred to any of the courses that are offered at CAA.

    3. How can one refer students to CAA?

    A referral can be sent to us through an e-mail addressed to admissions@caa.edu.in with details of the prospective student, such as their name, contact number and course that the student is keen on joining at CAA.

    4. What happens if two different people have referred the same student?

    If two people refer the same student, the one who has informs us first about the student on email will be considered for the incentive.

    5.What will be the mode of payment for the incentive?

    Payments are made by cheque only.

    6. Do I need to submit any document for receiving incentive amount?

    Yes. You are required to send us a scanned copy of the Pan Card of the Account Holder in whose name the cheque is to be made.

    7. Will the incentive amount be subject to TDS?

    Yes, the amount paid as the incentive is subject to a TDS. If Pan Card details are submitted, an amount to the equivalent of 10% will be deducted from the amount paid as an incentive. In other cases, an amount equivalent to 20% will be deducted from the amount paid as an incentive.

    8. What is the incentive amount?

    For complete details on the amount paid as an incentive, call us on +91 9873662370 or write to us at admissions@caa.edu.in

    9. When will I get my incentive?

    • In case of CPL and CFP, our fee program has been divided under 5 installments (which is on the basis of the number of flying hours). The first cheque is sent once the student pays his first installment and so on.
    • In case of Recency Flying, a cheque is issued once the student pays his complete fees.

    10. If the student referred, in turn refers another student, will I get any amount paid as incentive?

    No. It is not a chain referral program and the incentive is applicable only for direct referrals.

    11. Is the Chimes Referral Program applicable only for individuals or is it applicable to organizations as well?

    It is applicable to organizations also.

    12. Does one have to sign a contract or Memorandum of Understanding with Chimes Aviation in order to enroll under the Chimes Referral Program?

    Irrespective of whether you are an individual or an organization, it is always advisable to sign a contract or the Memorandum of Understanding.

    13. What if the student decides to leave his course in between?

    The incentive is based on flying hours. If a student leaves the course midway, the amount paid as an incentive will be decided on the basis of the total number of hours that particular the student has flown.

    14. How can one keep a track of flying hours of student referred by him?

    You are welcome to connect with us on +91 9873662370 and on admissions@caa.edu.in for all the details you may need.