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    Mobile : +91 987 366 2370
    Tel : +91 124 458 3830 (Mon - Fri : 09:30 Hours - 18:00 Hours)
    Email : admissions@caa.edu.in

    Chimes Group is a multi-business organization that owns and invests capital and experience in emerging businesses, with the objective to build and grow them.

    We believe in creating a culture of Excellence, bringing superior quality in delivery, acting with practicality and building scale in the businesses we pursue.

    With growing and successful businesses of our own and the increasing investments we make in new businesses, we are open to exploring unique opportunities. We do have a particular interest in IT, Mobile Apps, E-Commerce, Real Estate and Aviation Services.

    At the Chimes Group, we have the utmost respect for our people resources, environment and communities we work with and are committed to exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders by providing them with an environment of professionalism and high integrity. We also strongly believe in creating and developing leaders by nurturing and enabling talent and building teams that compliment our vision for each business.

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