I am privileged to be a proud alumnus of CAA which is a pioneer flying academy of our country.CAA has given a fillip to my career as an airline pilot owing to their high flying training standards.

Everything from securing a job with an airline to clearing my ATPL papers has all come down to the professionalism instilled in me during my training. I thank everyone at CAA and wish them all the best for the future. Happy Contrails!
- Capt. Anubhav Banerjee, First Officer in Indigo Airlines
CAA is the place to be. I enjoyed the 11 months i spent here to the fullest. And a very big thankyou to Chimes for getting my cpl done in just 11 months.

I'm sure this would not have been possible at any place other than CAA. And ill always be greatful to all instructors here, Devjeet sir, Harshit sir, Shankar sir, Nikhil sir, Aman sir and Sagar sir! Thank you for all those wonderful moments and wishing you best of luck.
- Capt. Tapesh Kumar First Officer in Jet Airways
Since July 2008, I have been associated with Chimes Aviation Academy (CAA), one of the premier flying institutes in India. I was looking for the best aircrafts, training methods, experience, individual attention, safety and attitude.

You will not find any higher standards than at CAA. As a fresh pass out, I was looking out to fly one of those big irons, as everyone does, that is when CAA trained and employed me as a Flight Instructor which simplified the transition process from basic trainer to an advanced jet.

I have been selected by Spicejet Airline and have completed my Type Rating Boeing 737 NG.
The atmosphere of a real flight community, coupled with the resources to pursue the highest level of flight proficiency proves to be a winning combination. Thanks to all at CAA for making me proud about that one decision I made in 2008. FLY SAFE!!!
Batch- 1
Email : aman.phogat@yahoo.co.in
Contact No : +91-9999773659
- Capt. Aman Phogat First Officer in Spice Jet
My flying career started with Chimes Aviation Academy (CAA) in 2008. Since my first flight, I was trained to become a professional pilot. From the ground school to the flight line, the instructors always went a step further to ensure quality training.

The main reasons why I chose CAA were for its brand new aircrafts equipped with advance avionics, the facilities, and here at CAA solo flight means SOLO. Although it was a substantial investment, I would not have spent my money anywhere else. They care about your education and your career goals.

I completed my AFI course at CAA after I got my CPL. I am very thankful to my training, preparation and campus placement in CAA which has helped me to become a first officer in Indigo Airlines.
The environment and professionalism here are what prepared me for my first airline job, and I acknowledge the same every time I walk on the ramp to my airplane. I completely endorse CAA for flight training if you want a promising career in aviation. Happy Landings!!!!
Batch-1 +
Email : bhaskarlal_6085@yahoo.com
Contact No : 91-9999250914
- Capt. Bhaskar Lal First Officer in Indigo Ailines
"With state of art equipments and infrastructure along with an extended help of highly experienced ground and flight instructors CHIMES AVIATION ACADEMY helped me earn my wings.The knowledge and life experience I got during my training helped me attain a very high standard in the competitive environment of flying.

CAA is the perfect combination of skilled instructors, experienced management and beautiful aircrafts that are highly required by one to grow as an airline pilot.
I am proud to identify myself as CAA graduate. I am flying Q 400, thanks to CAA. I wish CAA all the success and growth in future".
Email : sharmaakash_91@yahoo.com
Mobile No. 9953458483
- Capt. Akash Sharma , First Officer in Spice Jet
Hello BP sir, Please accept my high gratitude towards CAA. It has been really good learning experience.CAA provides the best of ground and flying classes. The environment at Dhana is just perfect for a student to learn flying.

Please also convey my heartily thanks to all our Ground instructors and the CFI Cpt. Devjeet Singh. The motivation you all provided has brought me success. Please accept my sincere thanks for all your support during my course
Praveen Chandra PSE, Airbus FMS Honeywell
Spent a wonderful year and a half at Chimes. Had the pleasure of flying under Capt BP. Singh and Capt. Tilloo. Not only they are one of the best instructors in India, but also a role model for any aspiring aviator.
The ground school helped me clear all my PPL and CPL exams within the first two attempts.
Shikhar Gupta Delhi
Had a great time doing my recency here! Got done quicker than I anticipated (a week flat). A big thank you to everyone!!
- Kartik Kalaan Student
Respected Sir, Thank you for your cooperation during my IR check.Before coming to Nagpur i never thought i'll fly the a/c with instrument because as you know the standards of flying in India.

I never thought earlier that you and Capt.Tillo take any pain to do the flying in 48*c temperature because i never seen this type of dedications of any instructors in India (as per my previous experience of flying with different instructors in different flying clubs in India).

I never forgot this experience of my life. At Last, Thank you very much. Regards chirag Narula
- Chirag Narula Student
It has been a good experience for me in Chimes aviation academy. When I joined CAA in July 2014, I knew it will be hard work for me to live up to the expectations. But, the support from the instructors helped me a lot.

Special thanks to my instructors for working hard on my flying skills and making me a much better pilot. Thanku! :) proud to be a pilot trained by CAA.
11 April 2015 - Laksh Chadha - Student Pilot
What can I say!! Pursuing my dream of flying has taken me to a lot of places,seen many things, met a lot of people, listened to a lot of opinions and suggestions, been here at Chimes for more than 6 months now and a happy story it has been so far.

I have learned a lot of things about flying and beyond!!! By far the most surprising aspect is the kind of support I received from the CFI and my Instructor kept me from forgetting why I started this journey and what it is all really about, very grateful sirs!!! Looking forward to a happy ending here at Chimes and one step closer to my goal.
13 Mar 2015 - Shanae Joshua - Student Pilot
Excellent infrastructure, Instructors & maintenance facilities. I have gained a lot of knowledge with respect to flying & discipline that I can transfer into my daily life. Not only was the flying training above & beyond standards, but also the ground instructors made sure that theory subjects were covered in meticulous detail.
15 Feb 2015 - Capt. Meghrajsinh Parmar
Chimes Aviation Academy is one of the best flight training school in India. I can tell this from my own personal experience of being a trainee pilot of (Batch-11) at CAA.

I fall short of words to express the standards maintained at CAA in terms of flying & ground training. Instructors here not only deliver the required ground & training flying training but also nurture a sense of discipline & responsibility into my lifestyle as a trainee.

I would like to thank my CAA family for helping me for completing my CPL training with best standards in aviation.
15 Feb 2015 - Capt. Kewal Siddhu
I had the opportunity of visiting this flying school. I am really impressed with the facilities that I had at this place. I wish all the success to the instructors, students of the Flying club. Best of luck
15 March 2013 - Rajesh Kumar Sharma - Tribal Warfare Commissioner
One of the best priced Flying Training Academy. I wish CAA all the best.
23 October 2012 - Sanjay Gandhi - Ventura Air Connect- Bhopal
I have visited and conducted aviation classes at a number of flying institutes and without any reservations I can say that the training, both ground and flying are excellent. In addition the infrastructure admin and their facilities are equally good for other flying institutes to emulate. I extend my best wishes to the Chimes team.
1 May 2011 - Group Captain I C Joshi
It was a great experience while interacting with the Chimes team. BP Singh team are a thorough professional set of enthusiastic set of energetic folks that are doing a wonder full work for the Indian aviation industry in training great pilots for the industry. The infrastructure here is awesome. Here is wish happy landing !
17 March 2011 - Peter Wesley - Honeywell Bangalore
Enjoyed every minute, good environment and training facilities. Great Potential and wish you the best.!
08 November 2010 - Patrick Singh - Director Pilot Management, Indigo
Excellent facilities and a well run programme. Thanks you from the entire Indigo team
08 November 2010 - Captain. Salim Zahir - Indigo
I was the first student of the Academy, just when it opened and before it's first batch had even walked in. Having done my PPL in UK, I can confirm that the procedure protocol conform to international standards. Their aircraft are the best I have seen in any flying school in the world. Keep it up!
5 July 2010 - Prateik Agarwal
This is a culmination of a life long dream. The staff and facilities are fantastic and I am looking forward to along association and many hours here at Dhana.

The instructors made me feel absolutely at ease and I appreciate the professionalism with which they handled a complete novice like me.

The Cruiser Executive Program that I have enrolled for is unique and ideal for people like me that will find it difficult to enroll for a regular program and for many weeks and months at a stretch. Fantastic and Thank you!
5 February 2010 - Hemant Shah - Adventurer and Lawyer by profession
My visit on a very personal level, wherein I had come to assess the academy for my daughter's flying training . From start to finish, I go back very satisfied with all administrative facilities well cared for. The academy itself is very nice and I feel that facets are fantastic. Professionalism was displayed at its best at all times by all. All in all a beautiful experience.
7 May 2010 - Captain Himanshu Mohan - Jet Airways Ltd
Fantastic facility, truly world class with an outstanding faculty of instructors and support staff. Should be advertised as a state of the art "one of it's kind"
12 August 2009 Rahul Sharma - House No. 5, Buena Vista, Hong Kong
I have the opportunity to visit CAA for the ISO Audit. Happy and pleased to see a good system at place, good team work with clear vision, determination and eagerness, to demonstrate/deliver best education to aviation. I wish best of luck and success for the years to come.
12 January 2009 - Surjit Singh (Lead Auditor) - DET NORSKE VERITAS, New Delhi
All I can say is just amazing. CAA is working towards revolution in Indian Pilot training programs.
2 April 2009 - Siddharth Shekar - Zee Business
Incredible job done by the extraordinary team of CAA. One is proud of you. Please keep it up. Wish you all success
6 January 2009 - N.R Mohanty - CMD Textron India
It is clear that a high level of professionalism and service will only be matched by the quality training you provide. We look forward to a strong partnership with CAA.
21 November 2008 - Jim Delong - Regional Manager - Cessna Aircraft Company
It was indeed a pleasure to visit CAA. With it's extensive facilities, dedicated staff and emphasis on quality of training, CAA is one of the finest training institutions in Asia. I wish CAA all success and recognition as one of the best international academy.
21 November 2008 - Air Cmde (Retd) Banerjee - Textron India, Bangalore