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    Chimes Flying Programme

    Flying course

    This course is specially designed for those candidates who have obtained a Student Pilots License (SPL) or a Private Pilot License (PPL), but have not completed the required flying hours for obtaining a Commercial Pilots License (CPL).

    The CFP course at CAA includes single engine flying, Multi-Engine Rating, Ground Studies, Simulator Training and Instrument Rating. This training is conducted as per a time bound schedule to complete the flying hours necessary for issue of a Commercial Pilot License with an instrument rating.

    best flying school in India Candidates are expected to complete 200 hours for CPL on a single engine aircraft. Alternatively, candidates can opt for 185 hours on single engine and 15 hours on multi-engine aircraft, which is highly recommended before applying for job positions with airlines.

    Please note this is part of the Commercial Pilot License course. For anybody who applies only for a single engine IR the course details are as follows:

    Course Overview

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