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    Commercial Pilot Training License in India

    Commercial Pilot Training License (CPL) (IR/ME)

    CAA’s Training curriculum for Commercial Pilot License in india provides students with a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and flying training to not only meet the relevant pilot license skill standards, but also meet the requirements of potential airline employers.

    CAA offers fully integrated CPL training course which prepares students to become employable commercial pilots. This pilot training course in India includes the following modules:
    Flying Training
    Single Engine - 185 hrs on Cessna-172 R aircraft, equipped with Garmin-1000 glass cockpit.
    Multi-Engine - 15 hours on Piper Seneca/ Diamond DA - 42 aircraft.
    Flight Simulator - 20 hours on Flight Simulators with 120 degree field of view and real time display of terrain and airports. (10 Hours each on Single Engine Cessna 172-R and Multi-Engine Diamond DA-42 Simulators).

    Ground Training

    CAA provides each student with 500 hours of Ground Training. The modules included are:

    Commercial Pilot License in India
    • Air Regulations,
    • Principles of Flight
    • Aero-Engines
    • Aircraft Systems
    • Flight Simulators
    • Navigation
    • Meteorology
    • Radio and Navigation aids
    • Human Performance & Limitations
    • Theory & Practical of Radio Telephony
    Examinations and Tests
    • The CFI or a DGCA authorized examiner will conduct the Flying Tests in accordance with Indian DGCA rules and regulations.
    • DGCA will also conduct Ground Subjects Written Tests as per the published schedule.
    • The Department of Telecommunications of the Govt.of India conducts the Test for Radio Telephony Restricted License, as per published schedule.
    Course Overview

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