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    English Language Proficiency

    All holders of PPL/CPL/ATPL licences are required to undergo training and assessment (Level 4 and above) to demonstrate an operational level of the ability to speak and understand English language used in radio telephony. They have to submit a certificate containing the level and validity of the language endorsement issued by a DGCA approved Examiner/ assessment team for endorsement on the licence.

    Chimes Aviation Academy has Capt. BP Singh as a DGCA Approved Examiner for English Language Proficiency Test. His DGCA Approval can be confirmed from DGCA website link http://www.dgca.nic.in/operator/lpr-ind.htm. For conduct of English Language Proficiency Test please email at flighttestrecency@caa.edu.in or Call +91-7582-660-522 or +91 9826979103.