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    CAA Certifications

    Quality and Certifications

    At CAA we ensure that the essential standards of quality and safety are maintained at all times. The efficiency of our Safety & Quality Management System is a result of the combination of existing regulations with a well researched scientific approach.
    Below are some of our certifications and awards:

    a. Academy Details and Approvals:

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    b. NSOP License: Charter Services of CAA

    Chimes Aviation Academy (CAA) was awarded the Non-Scheduled Operator Permit (NSOP) in May 2009 and operates Charter Services mainly in Madhya Pradesh to the wild life sanctuaries and other places of tourist interest. For more details please visit www.chimescharter.com.

    c. ISO Certification

    All initiatives of Chimes Aviation Academy are within the framework prescribed by DGCA and meet the Quality Assurance Standards of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 10015.

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    d. Limca Book of Records 2010

    CAA has been mentioned in the Limca Book of Records for being the largest pilot training institute in India with the capacity to train up to 120 pilots annually.

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